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There is a wide range of climbing in the Richardson Mountain Range to east of the Rees and in the Forbes Mountain Range to the West. There is also rock climbing at Chinaman's Bluff in the Dart River Valley .

Please ensure you register you intentions with the Glenorchy Information Centre prior to leaving on your expedition and make sure you sign out once your return. You must also receive permission from land owner or station managers prior to departure.

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Dogs and Other PetsDogs & Other Pets
Dogs are allowed on the Glenorchy Lagoon Walkway but it is offence under the National Parks Act to bring dogs and other introduced animals into Fiordland National Park or Mt Aspiring National Park. You must keep your pets under control at all times.

For anglers and fly fisherman Lake Wakatipu has an abundance of land locked salmon, rainbow and brown trout. The clear waters flowing in the surrounding rivers and tributes, including the Routeburn, Rees, Dart, Greenstone and Caples offer some of the best high country fishing.

"Local knowledge", we all know it helps.
Gordon Watson (6th generation Glenorchy) has lived his whole life at the head of Lake Wakatipu and spent a large portion of it chasing Trout in our local waters.
Guiding comes naturaly to Gordon, from a young age his grandfather
took him under his wing and taught him, not only Fly fishing, but the
art of being a consummate guide.
From spring creeks, freestone rivers and high country lakes to lagoon
fishing, Gordon has perfected the art of customizing an itinerary to
suit his clients preferences, needs and abilities. You choose: day
trips, heli-fishing or over night fishing excursions, let Gordon get
you on the water and hooked up.
"Giving people life long memories is what I love to do"

Fishing licenses are required to be carried at all times and are available from Glenorchy Information Centre. Fishing equipment (for hire or for sale) is available at the Glenorchy Information Centre.

Fish and Game New Zealand - Fishing licenses online

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The Trout Trackers Project - read about the experiences of these fly fishermen

Fishing Licences and Conditions on Lake and Rivers:

Caples River - Bag Limit 1 fish; Fly fishing only; Season 1 Nov to 31 May (* below)

Pleasure boating Lake WakatipuDart River - Bag limit 1 fish; Artificial fly or spinner only. Fishing is available in some tributaries and parts of the Dart River; Season All your round

Diamond Creek - Bag limit 1 fish; Artificial fly or spinner only; Season 1 October to 31 May

Diamond Lake - Bag limit 3 fish; Artificial fly or spinner only; Season All year round

Glenorchy Lagoon - Bag limit 1 fish; Artificial fly or spinner only; Season 1 October to 30 April

Greenstone River
- Bag limit 1 fish; Flyfishing only; Season All year round (* below)

Lake Sylvan - Bag limit 6 fish; All legal methods; Season All year dound

Lake Wakatipu - Bag limit 6 fish; All legal methods of fishing allowed; Season All year round

Rees River - Bag limit 1fish; Fly fishing only. There are limited opportunities for trout fishing in the mid Rees; Season 1 November to 31 May

Rees River downstream from Muddy Creek; Artificial fly or spinner only; Season All year round

Reid Lake - Bag limit 3 fish; Artificial fly or spinner only; Season All year round

Routeburn River - compulsory catch and release; Fly fishing only; Season 1 November to 31 May


As well as your full season fishing license you will require a:
•  A Backcountry Fishing License (applies to the Greenstone and Caples River catchments)
•  A controlled fishery license (applies only to the Greenstone River ).

The Backcountry License
All anglers who fish in the Greenstone River catchment, including the Caples River and all tributaries upstream of the bridge at the Greenstone car park will require a backcountry fishing license in addition to a Whole Season or Family Fishing License.
The Backcountry License is available at no extra cost. Licenses are available from Glenorchy Information Centre or Southland and Otago Fish and Game Councils.

Backcountry License holders can fish in any of the listed rivers at any time during their open season except for the controlled fishery period in the Greenstone.

Backcountry License holders are expected to cooperate in the collection of information on their angling experience if requested to by Fish & Game.

Didymo is a microscopic alga currently present in the Von, Hawea, Clutha Rivers and Lake Dunstan .

All those using waterways anywhere in the South Island will be required to clean and dry all equipment and clothing before moving from one water system to another.

A cleaning station for all equipment is available at the front entrance to the Glenorchy Hotel.

more about didymo

Hunting Red Deer Hunting
Hunting is limited in many area's around greater Glenorchy and there is a restricted shooting season. A hunting license is required and for safety reasons no shooting is allowed 100m either side of the main valley tracks or on the farmland.

The occasional red and fallow deer are sometimes sited. Chamois and Himalayan Tahr can be found on the mountain tops adjacent to Fiordland National Park and goats, rabbits, hares and possums are every where.

ParaglidingFor licenses and more details on hunting contact, Department of Conservation offices in Queenstown, or Fish and Game Guide for Wakatipu.

Department of Conservation - Hunting Licenses

The Glenorchy Holiday Park can offer basic, comfortable accommodation for your hunting party prior to and after the expedition.

Barbecue facilities are available.

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Golf Course
Glenorchy 9 Hole Golf Course is located at the recreation grounds on the corner of Mull and Oban Street . Golf Club hire and Golf Cards are available at the Glenorchy Information Centre.

For more information on the course Contact Us

Mountain Biking
Mountain biking is limited to the main roads and dirt roads. Mountain biking is not permitted on any of the tracks and in the National Parks. However there are ares appproved by the DOC for riding. Mountain bikes can be hired from the Glenorchy Information Centre.

There are many opportunities for freedom paragliding in the Glenorchy area. It is important that you receive permission to do so from the land owner or station managers prior to departing.

Private Boating & Jetboating
Lake Wakatipu is New Zealand 's third largest lake, being 80 KM long and covering 293 km squared, and on average 300 M deep for over half its length. Lake temperature ranges from 8 to 11 degrees centigrade winter to summer.

Rules of the Water
All boats must travel at a safe speed, taking into account the amount of boat traffic in the area, weather conditions and visibility is affected by glare.

You must not exceed a speed of 5 Knots if you are:

  • Within 100 metres of the shore
  • Within 100 metres of a boat displaying a divers flag
  • Within 50 metres of any other boat
  • Within 50 meters of a person swimming, kayaking, wind or kite surfing.
  • On a power boat if any person has any part of their body outside the rails on the edge of the deck
You must be over the age of 15 to operate any power boat which is capable of speeds exceeding 10 knots. This includes dinghies and personal water craft.

All craft shall have an effective silencing device.

Proper navigation lights to be displayed throughout the hours of darkness.

Lifejackets must be carried to fit all persons on board.

Rules of the Dart River
You must contact the commercial jetboat operator prior to boating up the Dart River.
Phone Dart River Safaris & Fun Yaks, Mull Street , Glenorchy: 03 442 9992

Upstream craft give way to down stream craft.

Keep right up & down stream.

ParaglidingWaterway Pests
Lagarosiphon: Is a weed found in several Otago Lakes and rivers (Wanaka, Dunstan, and Clutha River .

Didymo is a microscopic alga currently present in the Von, Hawea, Clutha Rivers and Lake Dunstan .

All those using waterways anywhere in the South Island will be required to clean and dry all equipment and clothing before moving from one water system to another.

more about didymo

Do not pollute - Take your rubbish home


There are bylaws in force as to the use of vessels on these waters. You should familiarize yourself with such bylaws before using any waters under the control of the Queenstown Lakes District Council.

Any enquiries contact:
Ph: 03 442 3445
Mobile : 027 345 289


Skateboard Park
Glenorchy skateboard park is located on the waterfront left of the Glenorchy Harbour . Children must be supervised at all time.

There are a number of safe swimming holes at the Glenorchy Lagoon Creek which are warmer than the lake. The temperature in the lake can average between 8 to11 degrees centigrade, which can cause hyperthermia.

Glenorchy Swimming Pool is open in summer and keys to the pool are available from the Glenorchy Information Centre.

Children must be supervised at all times when swimming in the water holes or Glenorchy Swimming pool.

Contact Us for more information

Wind Surfing/Kite Surfing
Glenorchy is renowned for it's wind and flat water, speed trials are often held here. The lake water temperature ranges from 8 deg C in the winter to 11 deg C in mid summer, so hypothermia is a danger.

Closest rigging is at the end of Mull Street . Plenty of parking and grass.
Suits: Slalom, speed. Beginners (depending on conditions)
Wind: W, NW strongest. S = onshore.
Water: Large wind swell in a southerly. Flat in offshore.
Watch for:: Jet boats, fishing lines, kayaks and the beautiful scenery.
In Detail : Flat water speed sailing. Winds from west to north funnel down to lake to give offshore winds up to 50 knots (much stronger recorded).

For more information on where to go and stay please Contact Us or visit the Glenorchy Information Centre before setting out.

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