Visitors have a small choice of unique Glenorchy boutiques famous for its array of possum fur products and providing New Zealand made designer garments and gifts.

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Glenorchy Information Centre and Hotel General Store
Find everything you need at the Glenorchy Information Centre and Hotel General Store. Offering a range of New Zealand made gifts, post cards and information, drinks, papers and last minute supplies you thought you had packed or have forgotten. The centre also has walking track information. Book all your activities here and track transport with us.
The General Store also provides:
- backpacker lunches
- camping supplies
- food and beverages
- internet access
Glenorchy at the Head of Lake WakatipuGlenorchy Fur Products
This unique clothing factory and boutique has fashioned it's garments with possum fur, creating a quality range of stylish clothing, toys, and bed spreads among other items. 'Buy a Possum save a tree'.
Natures Gifts
Stylish New Zealand made gifts can be found in the small shop on the Glenorchy Waterfront next to the Harbor and Lake Haven Bed and Breakfast.

Shop floor at Glenorchy FurNatures GiftsGlenorchy Fur working on a bedspreadGlenorchy Fur Products