Glenorchy Races TrebleGlenorchy Race Day - Always the first Saturday in January : 3rd January 2015 - Live music at the Glenorchy Hotel: The Hamiltones.
New Years Eve, Live music at the Glenorchy Hotel: Jason Schmidt and Hey You
Glenorchy Market Days - To be confirmed
Glenorchy Fishing Competition - Saturday 3rd October 2015
accommodation at the Glenorchy Hotel - 03 442 9902

Glenorchy Race Day
Glenorchy Race Day is a real southern kiwi experience and one of the premier events on Glenorchy's social calendar.
Organised by the Glenorchy Rugby Club for over 40 years the event is held on the first Saturday after New Year.

Races include: Walk Trot Gallop; Trotting Cup; Relay Race; Stockmans Race; Saddling Race; Double Banking; Ladies Gallop; Open Gallop; Locals Gallop; Quarter Mile Sprint.

Although anyone with a horse can registers (only rule is that you wear a helmet), this is not riding for the faint hearted or inexperience. Many of the Glenorchy horse trekking staff and local stockmen/women are keen to take the Race Cups home and so the competition is high.

There is plenty to eat with the Glenorchy School BBQ, Glenorchy Kitchen's strawberries & cream and the Glenorchy Hotel’s beer tent.

Book your accommodation early or bring a tent as camping is pretty much allowed anywhere over the Race Day weekend. The Glenorchy Hotel usually put on a band so everyone can dance until closing.

Glenorchy Market Days
Stalls of local produce, art and plenty of local entertainment. A great day out for family and friends.
NEXT MARKET DAY: To be confirmed.

GY School Pet Day
Glenorchy Fishing Competition
Fun day out for all the family. Prices are handed out to the biggest, longest, ugliest fish as well as the best yarn of the day. Usually held the first weekend of October.

Glenorchy Flower Show
Held at the Glenorchy Hall, Mull Street this annual event demonstrates the finest Glenorchy blooms, produce, and art. Date for this event is usually the weekend prior to or after the Glenorchy Fishing Competition in October.

Southland Cycle RaceGlenorchy School Pet Day
Glenorchy kids have the opportunity to show off their favorite pet and prove how much they know about looking after it. Always a fun day with heaps of goats, horses, cats, dogs, sheep, calf’s, and more obscure pets. Everyone welcome to see the commotions and enjoy the School sausage sizzle.

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Market Day stallGY Ball 2002Glenorchy Bike Rally2002Face Painting at the Market Day 2007